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iQX Digital Marketing Software in the Cloud

Digital marketers have an array of software tools at their fingertips. The downside is that several disparate software products are generally required to create a unified workflow to achieve a marketer’s goals.

All iQX products have been designed to bring the key elements of marketing, promotions, ecommerce, and demographics together into one unified workspace to minimize time-to-market and maximize your sales efforts.

iQX cloud software provides you with a comprehensive suite of integrated tools:

  • Messaging
  • Promotion
  • Cash management
  • Seamless ecommerce store integration
  • Event creation
  • Inventory and access
  • Art and design tools to build powerful landing pages

When your marketing campaigns are launched from an iQX product, our data engine gathers demographics information from all of the critical customer touch points as they go through your promotional journeys and buy your offerings, providing you deep insights to leverage your ongoing marketing efforts.

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