iQX Amplify

The only direct text marketing and promotions platform of its kind

Direct-Text Mobile Sales

iQX Amplify eCommerce Store Marketing Engine

iQX Amplify is the most powerful direct-to-text marketing and promotions platform available. iQX Amplify allows you to instantly sell your eCommerce store products directly inside your customer’s text applications.

  • Choose the Product you want to Sell
  • Write and Schedule your Promotional Message
  • Choose the Customers you want to Offer your Product to

iQX Amplify automatically handles the distribution of your sales message, cash charges, and transaction details for product sales. The iQX Amplify database automatically downloads all past transaction history from your eCommerce store and records all the new information and data generated from your Amplify promotions for future reference.

Your customers receive your MMS messages with an image of your product on their mobile screen. iQX Amplify provides your customers predetermined key-word “reply-back” choices, product option choices, options for information requests, help, etc.

iQX Amplify runs the entire sales cycle and revenue capture for you, freeing up time for creativity and building your business.

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