iQX Amplify

The only direct text marketing and promotions platform of its kind

Fully Integrated Platform

iQX Amplify: Many Functions, One Easy-to-Use Interface

Face it, all of the messaging products you’ve tried are very limited and narrowly focused. They require you to swap from one application to the next to manage and integrate all of the necessary aspects of your marketing and promotions efforts.

Not with iQX Amplify, a fully integrated product with:

  • Messaging Engine
  • Cash Management Engine
  • Demographics Capture Engine
  • Data Management Engine

iQX Amplify allows you to operate from a single easy-to-use, seamless cloud-based application that will boost the reach of your marketing efforts and power the growth of your business and profits. We will be introducing some really amazing enhancements to iQX Amplify very soon, so be on the alert for our in-application messages and emails detailing product upgrades as they come online.

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