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Generate Reports

Instantly Generate eCommerce Reports with iQX Amplify

Growing your business can be complicated and requires many elements to achieve success. We understand, it’s the same for us! We’ve invested deeply to create iQX Amplify, a simple yet powerful marketing and promotions machine, to help you achieve the goals you’ve set, and more.

iQX Amplify allows you to create instant reports from the results of your hard work. These powerful reports help you improve and optimize your marketing messages, and allow you to demonstrate the results of that hard work to the people that matter.

  • Dashboard reports
  • Product performance reports
  • Message performance reports
  • And more

iQX Amplify gives you instant access to the information that’s most important to you and your company, which includes simple-to-understand stats and rates of return on your costs so you can easily see how your marketing investments are paying off and where you can fine tune your efforts to build a bigger customer base and make more money.

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