iQX Amplify

The only direct text marketing and promotions platform of its kind


Direct Text Marketing and Sales for eCommerce

iQX Amplify is a direct text marketing and sales system that allows you to instantly sell your eCommerce store products directly inside your customer's text applications.

iQX Amplify - the Engine to Drive Sales

iQX Amplify is the marketing and sales engine inside your eCommerce store that powers your business with deep demographics visibility to help you better define your customer base, refine your marketing efforts, decrease your costs, and increase your overall ROI.

iQX Amplify Integrates With Your Online Store

iQX Amplify easily integrates with your Woo Commerce eCommerce store to get you up and running and making more money in minutes. And, we’ll soon have several other top ecommerce store integrations available.

iQX Amplify Intelligent Cash Management

With iQX Amplify, you can choose from any number of reports that provide clear and concise insights for you and your team. Plus, your iQX Amplify dashboard has a comprehensive cash management system that collects all of your sales revenues and allows you to distribute them to your bank accounts or any number of vendors, employees or anyone else that you invite as a Payee.

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