iQX Amplify

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Revenues and Cash Management

iQX Amplify Puts You in Control of Revenues and Cash Management

When you sell your products with iQX Amplify, you get your cash fast with our state-of-the-art Cash Account system.

  • Collect your sales revenues
  • Pay them out through direct ACH transfer to your bank accounts

Pay money from your iQX Amplify Cash Account to anyone you want, such as vendors, employees or anyone else through our Payee invitation system.

iQX Amplify gives your Payees the option to input their basic bank account details into an online form, or simply login to their bank profile to activate their account as your Payee.

Our Cash Account engine is fast, easy and completely secure through SSL and PCI compliant authentication powered by Stripe and Plaid, two of the largest providers of financial technology in the world.

iQX Amplify is significantly cheaper and much simpler to send payments than by cumbersome and antiquated bank wire transfer mechanisms.

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