Why iQX

iQX ecommerce and marketing cloud solutions for the live events and entertainment industries.

Integrated Technologies

iQX Does the Heavy Lifting of Digital Marketing for You

The design and technology stack of the iQX family of products makes them some of the most cutting-edge software innovations available today for the industries we serve.

This starts with the core principle that all the heavy lifting capabilities of our software should be invisible to our customers: iQX products are easy to understand and just simply work.

We've accomplished this by integrating several cutting edge technical advancements, that we've invested in and developed ourselves, together with API integrations to some of the most well-known technology companies in the world. The result is the unique and ground breaking software solutions that comprise the iQX family of products.

In front of all this, our user interface designs are tactile, friendly, accessible and intuitive, providing our customers with greater control and flexibility in their day-to-day workflow.

We strive to ensure that you can maximize the capabilities of our products easily. This allows you to focus on the task at hand, rather than the mechanics of the software.

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